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SKU: 102126

Rs. 56,260

Product parameters:

  • Brand: QuanU / All Friends
  • Model: 102126_0117183745
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Several people sit: group
  • Color classification: 3 + 1 + reverse
  • Filling: sponge
  • Structure technology: other
  • Whether it can be customized: No
  • Sofa combination form: L-shaped
  • Whether it is removable and washable: Yes
  • Additional functions: disassembly
  • Applicable object: adult
  • Whether with storage space: No
  • Place of Origin: Sichuan Province
  • City: Chengdu
  • Whether to assemble: assembly
  • Package volume: 10
  • Whether it can be pre-sold: No
  • Is the taxi transportable: No
  • Filler hardness: soft
  • Design element: master design
  • Style positioning: Economic
  • Installation instructions details: Provide in

Product parameters (for reference only, please prevail in kind)
model specification Peripheral size / length * width * height mm Packing volume / m3 Package weight / kg Package / piece
102126 One person 750 * 1020 * 930 / / 1
Three person 1930 * 1020 * 930 / / 1
Corner position 1920 * 1160 * 930 / / 1
overall 3830 3.46 140.13 3
【Baby Name】 Fashion leather sofa [Baby model] 102126
[Brand] All Friends Home 【style】 Modern simplicity
【product material】 Faux Leather + Flocked Fabric 【colour】  Please prevail in kind
[Environmental protection level] National standard [Origin]  Chengdu, Sichuan
[Removable and washable parts] By bag + seat bag + headrest + upper armrest 【Features】 Adjustable headrest (angle adjustment)
【Number of packages】 2 【special service】  One-stop home service
[Delivery cycle]
Usually 15-30 days for delivery, no more than 60 days, 0 yuan storage for 100 days. The specific delivery time is subject to the time negotiated with customer service, please consult customer service for details.
[Sales area] Delivery can be made in 1800 regions across the country. For specific delivery scope and cost, please consult our customer service staff before purchasing. Check logistics instructions!
【Delivery Method】 One-stop service for all friends and offline personnel.
[Upstairs fee]

1, 7 or below (including 7th floor) moved 0 yuan.
2. Furniture above 7 floors is charged at 6 yuan / layer / package; sofas, mattresses, high-end beds, soft bed heads (leather, cloth), and row skeletons are calculated at 15 yuan / layer / package.
3. There is an elevator (furniture can enter the elevator) can be reached directly, then no upstairs fee is charged.

【Delivery Time】 It is agreed by the delivery staff and the customer over the phone.
【Tips】 Distribution and installation fees are paid online, and upstairs fees are paid offline. The sofa package contains a bottle of fabric cleaning solution.

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