Home Sofa Bed

SKU: 20686

Rs. 36,900

Product parameters:

  • Brand: QuanU / All Friends
  • Model: 20686
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Color classification: dark gray
  • Whether it can be customized: No
  • Packing length: more than 2 meters
  • Applicable object: Adult
  • Packing volume: 3

Function: Variable sofa bed, hidden storage space. Inner frame: Solid wood Fabric: Shelf bag, backpack, hand guard: Soot shark skin texture polymer fiber fabric Square bag: Yellow-green cotton and linen

Seat bag: two-layer sponge Backpack, square bag: high-elastic cotton

Foot: metal + polymer composite material

The seat surface is movable design, the conventional 2-person seat can be expanded into a 1.3-meter wide double bed, which is multi-purpose and saves small-sized home artifacts

One-piece flat seating surface, less partitions, lying spine more fully extended, more comfortable to sleep;

Round head pillow, unique shape, suitable height, suitable for lying down

When the seat surface is unfolded, invisible storage space can be obtained, and pillows and blankets can be stored conveniently.

The anthracite shark skin pattern polymer fiber fabric, the design is taken from the shark skin pattern, integrated into the modern bionic design concept, the texture is fresh and natural, just like the original luster of the leather, elegant and faint revealing a little charming wild







Product Name: 20686 Fabric sofa bed 1-1

Series: MiNi Sunshine

Product category: Sofa

Product model: 20686

Functional Space: Guest Restaurant

Product style: Modern guest restaurant

Appearance size: 2100.00 * 1000.00 * 670.00


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