Furniture Simple European-style Double Bed 1.8m French Carved Plate Bed Soft Package Wedding Bed

SKU: 120611

Rs. 50,260

Product parameters:

  • Brand: QuanU / All Friends
  • Model: 121508-1
  • Style: European
  • Size: 1800mm * 2000mm
  • Applicable number: 2
  • Color classification: single bed (1.8m) bed + bedside table * 1 (1.8m) bed + bedside table * 2 (1.8m) bed + bedside table * 1 + mattress (1.8m) bed + bedside table * 2 + mattress (1.8m ) Bed + nightstand * 1 + upgraded latex mattress (1.8m) Bed + nightstand * 2 + upgraded latex mattress (1.8m)
  • Whether it can be customized: No
  • Whether to bring a bed frame: Yes
  • Whether to bring soft cushion: Yes
  • Whether with storage space: No
  • Furniture structure: assembled canopy bed
  • Material: MDF / Fiberboard
  • Finishing process: other
  • Structure technology: other
  • Delivery / Installation: Beijing Chengdu Shanghai Tianjin Chongqing
  • Place of Origin: Sichuan Province
  • City: Chengdu
  • County: Chongzhou
  • Package volume: 10
  • Whether it can be pre-sold: No

【name】 Romantic French Bedroom with Soft Bed 【model】 121508
[Brand] All Friends Home [Origin] Chengdu, Sichuan
【colour】 Prevail in kind 【style】 Romantic French
[Fabric / Leather] MDF [Whether with function] no
[Environmental protection level] National standard 【special service】 Happiness 365 service
[Set details] Bed + bedside table * 1 + mattress \ bed + bedside table * 2 + mattress
[Set classification] package volume Package gross weight Packing quantity
Bed + nightstand * 1 + mattress
Bed + nightstand * 2 + mattress
Bed + nightstand * 1 + upgraded latex mattress
Bed + nightstand * 2 + upgraded latex mattress
[Delivery cycle] Usually 10-20 days after payment, 30 days for special circumstances. The specific delivery time is subject to the time negotiated with customer service, please consult customer service for details.
[Five pack description] The shop supports five-pack delivery installation in 544 regions, please contact customer service for details.
[Sales area] 1800 regions across the country can be delivered to your door or picked up by yourself. For specific delivery scope and cost, please consult our customer service staff before purchasing, otherwise the order will not be processed!
[Moving costs]

The following are the charges for elevators without elevators or goods that cannot enter the elevator:
0 yuan for moving below 1.7 floors (including the 7th floor);
6 yuan / floor / package for furniture above 2.7 floors; sofas, mattresses, high-grade, soft beds The headboard (leather, cloth) and row of skeletons are calculated at 15 yuan / layer / package.

[Reservation Delivery] When the goods arrive at your location, local staff will make an appointment and deliver the goods in advance.
【Tips】 1. Online payment of delivery and installation fees, offline payment of handling fees;
2. In order to ensure the timely delivery of your purchased goods, please ensure that the delivery address, telephone and other information are accurate;
3. If you are not a customer in the Five Guarantees area, please be sure The product order also pays the distribution and installation costs of your area online;
4. The handling fee is charged according to the actual delivery situation, please pay the fee to the delivery master in person after you sign the goods.

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