furniture dining table and chair combination wood color solid wood frame fire stone dining table

SKU: 120733

Rs. 21,310

Product parameters:

  • Brand: QuanU / All Friends
  • Model: 120733-1Z4Y
  • Material: Artificial Board
  • Type of wood-based panel: MDF / fiberboard
  • Style: Nordic
  • Color classification: one table and four chairs.
  • Whether it can be customized: No
  • Furniture structure: frame structure
  • Delivery / Installation: Shanghai Beijing Tianjin Chengdu Chongqing
  • Place of Origin: Sichuan Province
  • City: Chengdu
  • County: Chongzhou
  • Whether to assemble: assembly
  • Package volume: 10
  • Whether it can be pre-sold: No
  • Whether with induction cooker function: No

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