Top tips to keep wooden furniture shiny and clean

Apart from its sturdiness, wooden types of furniture are known for its artistic designs and longevity, if taken care of. When decorating a room, furniture plays a vital role. There, wooden furniture gets all eyes and hands but often people fail to maintain it close to its original shine.

Wooden types of furniture are known for their glossiness and the gleaming effect that ends up lighting the whole vibe of the room along with it, it adds a very rustic and natural texture to space.

To start with, let's break the myth that shiny wood means clean wood. Even if you dust regularly, dirt can build up over time and dull wood polish. Use these simple techniques to keep the longevity of wood intact and maintain its quality.


Wash them up

For those routine cleaning, white vinegar works as an effective green cleaning agent. Mix half a cup of it with 2 litres of warm water. For good shine, one can use vegetable oil and olive oil.

Remove moisture

With a fresh, dry cloth clean the dry surface until you get a bright finish. With this process the wood gets clean and dryer, thus attracting more dirt towards itself

Retain polish

To preserve the quality and shine of polish, always give your furniture a touch of good polish once or twice a year. Homemade application for this is, adding a quarter cup of vegetable oil with a quarter cup of vinegar.

Keep wood healthy

The key to keeping any wood healthy is by knowing its nature. For instance, maintenance of painted wood and polished hardwood is different and requires a different approach. Make sure you know your type and attend it accordingly.